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IAP Module

Module Brief

Managing the money is as important as earning it. This session talks about the simple steps which investor should take in order to ensure proper channelizing of your savings into the investments.

This workshop focuses more on asset allocation and goal based investing through SIP. Apart from it also talks about the importance of investments according to the time horizon for savings. It talks about the importance of equity for wealth creation along with proper asset allocation.

After attending this seminar you will be more disciplined in managing your money, resulting in better financial future.

Key Takeaways

  • To understand the meaning of Wealth and its Creation
  • To understand the importance of aligning investments with the time horizon
  • To understand the importance of having equity in the portfolio
  • To understand the importance of liquid funds for maintaining the emergency fund.
  • To understand the basics of asset allocation based on time frame and other factors.
  • To understand how SIP and ELSS are better tax efficient way of investing for long term