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New CFP (Regular status) from 11th May, 2019,Every Saturday (7.30 am to 11.30 am) .....        
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New Weekend Batch For CFP (Regular status) is starting from 8th APRIL 2018, Every Sunday 8 A.M.To 2 P.M.Enroll Now.....        CONGRATULATIONS to NAMAN, VAIBHAV, SUMIT, MADHU, SULOCHANA for clearing the Investment Planning Module.....          "Congratulations to our 8 regular students for Clearing TAX & Estate Planning Module this month" Weekend Batches are on....

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...equips people with KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS and strengthen their ATTITUDES and BELIEF IN THEMSELVES to make and exercise INFORMED, CONFIDENT, and TIMELY money Management DECISIONS.

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We are a team of People from Financial Services Industry (Mutual Fund, Insurance, Banks) which enables us to give a practical knowledge along with the concepts. Whether it is CFP Education or Corporate Programmes or Student Education for NSE, BSE we have been recognized by the Institutions and we have been able to give a distinct education to our students because Our focus is on application rather than accumulation.

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Application based knowledge

Best use of Knowledge is when you can apply the knowledge which in turn can improve your productivity or can place you at your desired Job in life. We differentiate between accumulation and application of knowledge. Accumulation can give you a short-term success but if someone learns application of knowledge, Sky is the limit. We focus only on application base knowledge.

Faculty from Industry

When we say application based knowledge and it can only be delivered when you have industry experience. We are a team of people from Financial Services Industry which makes it possible for us to give our students a knowledge which contains a practical approach.

Corporate Exposure to students

Since we have corporate clients and vintage of the industry we have our own corporate network and we firmly believe students must have corporate exposure to learn industry know-how. In line we arrange short internship for our CFP students in corporates.


We help our students to place in the Financial Planning Firm’s, Mutual Fund Co.’s and others organizations from the Financial Services Industry. However, we do not guarantee of any placements.

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